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Who can benefit from Craniosacral Therapy?

Craniosacral therapy can be of benefit in almost any circumstances, including:

In babies - for colic, ear infections, sleeplessness or more serious problems In children - for the many knocks and falls which they encounter; to aid recovery from persistent colds and infections; for more serious conditions such as asthma, learning difficulties, behavioural disorders, or the after-effects of meningitis

In adults - for a comprehensive range of problems from headaches, back pain and joint sprains, to digestive disorders, emotional tension, and the after-effects of major accidents, injuries and serious illnesses

For the elderly - to iron out the effects of a lifetime of stresses and strains, injuries and illnesses, and to create a more comfortable state with less need for medications and their often unpleasant side-effects

For everyone - who wishes to improve their underlying state of health and wellbeing, and to create a greater sense of ease, clarity and health in their life.

Ultimately craniosacral therapy works with the whole body and whole person, and responds to each individual according to their needs, by making a comprehensive assessment of their overall state and treating accordingly.

Many patients report relief of the symptoms associated with a number of conditions:

Patients should note that there is no sense in which craniosacral therapy ‘cures’ any of these conditions – this is done by the body itself. If there is any doubt about a condition, the advice of a medical practitioner should be sought.

photo © Mike Harrison