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Craniosacral therapy is particularly relevant for babies and children for several reasons:

By ironing out the various effects of injury and illness as they develop, craniosacral therapy can create a balanced and well integrated physical, mental and emotional state. This should ensure that your child not only enjoys a happier, healthier childhood, but also grows up to make maximum use of their potential.

Once any fundamental problems have been resolved, we recommend regular checkups - every 3 months for babies, every 6 months for children - to resolve the effects of any falls, injuries or illnesses which are an inevitable part of childhood: thereby ensuring optimum health and happiness.

photo © Graham Kennedy

photo © Graham Kennedy

photo © Graham Kennedy

Reasons to bring your baby will include colic, sleeping and feeding difficulties (including reflux, posseting and retained wind); unexplained behaviour; and digestive issues such as infrequent, irregular or catastrophic nappy changes. Mothers should also not neglect themselves in the days, weeks and months after birth.

See prices for the cost of treatment of babies and children.

photo © Mike Harrison

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